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Our speciality is fixing

We help direct selling companies help their members succeed. Before they decide to leave.

We build and integrate exclusive technologies giving everyone in your community a chance to score big.

Our competitors sell boxed software. They build portfolios. We create solutions from scratch every time. We build relationships.

Retention Strategy.

People cancel their memberships.
Why? They need more time to succeed.

So what is your retention strategy?

It should be Innovation

You have probably heard about the innovator's dilemma: whether you should innovate your existing products or disrupt them and create something bold and new to stay ahead of your game. Well, you actually need to do both.

You want to combine disruption with sustaining innovation to eliminate the "leaky bucket" retention issue.

30-second Sign-up | Viral Innovation | Competitive Gamification | M-commerce | Smart Inventory | Mobile Field | Engaged Community

30-second Sign-up

30-second Sign-up

A laborious and delayed sign-up is one of the most despised direct selling enemies. Luckily, mobile optimization will help reps never lose a sign-up opportunity again.

Viral Innovation

There’s no better way to keep audience excitement high than to regularly give your people useful innovations they’ll desperately want to show to the others.

For example, Value Scanner, a mobile feature allowing sales reps scan any competitive product, and instantly see how the product you sell beats it.

Live demonstrations in front of your prospects
makes sales a breeze

Competitive Gamification

Your reps are only efficient when challenged and motivated

Competitive Gamification

Your reps are only efficient when challenged and motivated

They will be competing, earning rewards, unlocking achievements, winning battles and collaborating with others to stay on top. Gamification replaces motivational speeches and makes sure rep engagement never fades.


Mobile Commerce is critical for your digital strategy


Mobile Commerce is critical for your digital strategy

On top of your current e-commerce platform, your reps must have their individual mobile storefronts automatically adjusting to prospects’ preferences, making sales personal and more efficient.

Smart Inventory

Process automation is very important when you sell large volumes of individual items

One of the obvious features of your smart inventory tool should be auto-reordering when the system detects low inventory, either on the warehouse or individual user level.

Frequently used products should be automatically bundled and offered as subscription.

Mobile Field

Executives, marketing and sales personnel and users must be interconnected via mobile

Only then will you be able to truly see how efficiently your business is running. Among other critical things, “mobile field” gives reps the ability to track and manage real-time performance of their networks and individual users.

alt This powerful layer creates incredible transparency which is
necessary to hit projected growth numbers

Engaged Community

Many companies have customers and reps. But quite few have a community. If you manage to organize people into one passionate and loyal community you can ensure rapid growth and competitive safety.

Here are a few examples of community tools you’ll need:

Network buzz mobile app

Network Buzz

You need to create a platform users will love to spend time on, not just work through. Relevant personalized social feed that sells products, engages interaction and spreads through people's networks will keep your brand top-of-mind to users on a daily basis.

Intercom mobile app


Your own secure messenger is a vital tool for shaping up your community. It’s a bottomless source of data and a perfect engaging tool that leverages people, information, intuitive machine learning and communication needs.

Deep social reach illustration

Deep social reach

Find your member’s social networking connections who would be potentially interested in your products or services and invite them to engage. Reach even deeper into one person’s network and get access to hundreds of thousands of new members, customers, reps.