Orbirect has evolved from a niche hi-tech organization that had years of digital product engineering experience in direct sales industry.

Today we are a company that combines unique direct sales expertise and state of the art technical capabilities. Orbirect's customer is a successful direct sales company that wants its members to be able to hit their goals sooner and stay engaged longer. Because of the niche direct sales expertise we posses, Orbirect is capable of shifting retention rates dramatically by quickly evaluating different customers' business models and implementing scalable retention solutions.

We achieve retention improvements with the help of cutting edge digital tools Orbirect builds and integrates exclusively for each customer. Once a strategy is approved, we will assemble a product development team with industry specific expertise that will be working closely with customer's internal staff. We do not work with cost/time-fixed contracts as they make no sense given the scale, length and complexity of tasks we have to deal with. We charge a monthly team-fee that varies depending on the team size.

Our tactical goal is to help your members stay highly engaged even 9 months after sign up and have tools to be able to grow their networks faster than ever.
Our strategic goal is described in our mission & purpose statement ↓

Mission & Purpose

Many people believe that only 5% of population is capable of becoming rich. We believe that those who claim that either don't take action or give up too early. We admire direct sales industry for one simple reason — it's 100% performance based. But then why so many people terminate their memberships at direct sales companies and walk away disappointed? Same reason as always — they gave up too early and didn't do enough.

Our dream is to help direct sales companies create more successful satisfied people and strengthen our economy by providing better products and services produced, utilized and sold by real people.

Through our partnerships we hope to liberate talented entrepreneurs from their 9-5 mentality and help them see what they are capable of. We give direct sales companies weapons that can conquer any market and help millions of regular people become successful.